Get Involved


Men have been waiting to have authentic conversations about what it really means to be a man with other men. Thus we need to create, embrace, and foster these communications, campaigns and support groups to ensure these conversations happen all across Ohio.


But how do you do it? So many groups of inspired men fizzle out due to lack of support and/or knowledge of the steps to take to make a real impact. That is why we exist – to provide resources in the form of content and connection. Strive to be an ally of Ohio Men’s Action Network to become part of something much bigger than yourself. Click on the link to learn how YOU can get involved with OHMAN!

How to Get Involved

Steering Committee

Steering Committee – The purpose of OHMAN’s Steering Committee is broad oversight of OHMAN, including but not necessarily limited to:


  • Vision
  • Infrastructure
  • Funding priorities
  • Policy discussions and agenda setting (both internal to the organization and in regard to emerging issues in the movement)
  • Strategic planning


Responsibilities of OHMAN Steering Committee include:

  • Regularly participate in Steering Committee-related conference calls.
  • Regularly participate in OHMAN general meetings and events.
  • Work on projects and serve on committees that are needed to ensure the success of OHMAN as an efficient, community-oriented network.
  • Policy discussions and agenda setting (both internal to the organization and in regard to emerging issues in the movement)
  • Assist with the development and monitoring of OHMAN goals, objectives, and strategic plan.
  • Allow your name, image, and/or likeness to appear in OHMAN publications and other media statements.
  • Participate with workgroups charged by the Steering Committee

OHMAN Partner Organizations

OHMAN Partner Organizations – OHMAN partners are organizations (non-profits, anti-violence organizations, corporate sponsors) who support and believe in the values of the Ohio Men’s Action Network


Responsibilities of Partners include:

  • Identify potential advocates from within their organization
  • Offer OHMAN awareness raising events, and programs within their organization
  • Disseminate OHMAN messaging and materials to their organizational members

OHMAN Advocate

OHMAN Advocate – Advocates are engaged, active individuals who have taken the OHMAN pledge.


Responsibilities of Advocates include:

  • Disseminate OHMAN messages to their communities
  • Identify possible partner organizations
  • Recruit people to attend OHMAN events, trainings and workshops
  • Participate in workshops and training opportunities to be informed about issues related to relationship and sexual violence and related resources in their communities.


OHMAN Ally – An ally takes the pledge and is interested in learning more about OHMAN work in general.


Responsibilities of an Ally include:

  • Express support via social media (liking OHMAN’s Facebook page, Share, join the listserv,)
  • Attend OHMAN events, trainings, and workshops
  • Spread OHMAN message within their personal networks

Local groups

Local groups – For those interested in OHMAN work at the local level (communities, colleges & universities, etc.)


Responsibilities of local groups include:

  • Disseminate OHMAN messages to their communities
  • Offer OHMAN sponsored events, trainings, workshops, and programs in their communities
  • Promote attendance at statewide OHMAN events, conferences, and programs
  • Recruit and develop local allies and advocates
  • Identify and support relationships with OHMAN partners in their communities