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Ohio Men's Action Network

Glenn A. Harris

Assistant Director of Prevention

Ohio Domestic Violence Network

1855 East Dublin-Granville Road, Suite 301

Columbus, Ohio 43229   /   614.781-9651 ext 234

EMail – [email protected]


What is the Ohio Men’s Action Network?

OHMAN is a program that specifically addresses primary prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Primary prevention means members of OHMAN are working to address violence before it happens through changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of individuals. We also work at the community level to challenge the norms that support violence.

Is OHMAN only for men?

No, OHMAN is a network of men and women throughout the state who share the common goal of preventing domestic and sexual violence in Ohio. However, our primary audiences are men & boys.

I know a man who is a victim of sexual assault. I know another man who is a victim of domestic violence; should I refer them to OHMAN?

OHMAN is primarily focused on preventing violence before it happens. We recognize that men can be victims of domestic & sexual violence, and will offer referrals for those who are seeking help or advocacy services.

Who can I contact if I wanted to become more involved?

You can click the “Get Involved” tab and fill out the contact form OR you can email India Harris-Jones directly at [email protected].

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