OHMAN Advocate – Advocates are engaged, active individuals who have taken the OHMAN pledge.


Responsibilities of Advocates include:

  • Disseminate OHMAN messages to their communities
  • Identify possible partner organizations
  • Recruit people to attend OHMAN events, trainings and workshops
  • Participate in workshops and training opportunities to be informed about issues related to relationship and sexual violence and related resources in their communities.

OHMAN Ally – An ally takes the pledge and is interested in learning more about OHMAN work in general.


Responsibilities of an Ally include:

  • Express support via social media (liking OHMAN’s Facebook page, Share, join the listserv,)
  • Attend OHMAN events, trainings, and workshops
  • Spread OHMAN message within their personal networks

Local groups – For those interested in OHMAN work at the local level (communities, colleges & universities, etc.)


Responsibilities of local groups include:

  • Disseminate OHMAN messages to their communities
  • Offer OHMAN sponsored events, trainings, workshops, and programs in their communities
  • Promote attendance at statewide OHMAN events, conferences, and programs
  • Recruit and develop local allies and advocates
  • Identify and support relationships with OHMAN partners in their communities

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