Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.

We are excited to announce the ‘OHMAN Healthy Masculinity Campaign – ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.  This is a gender-based violence prevention social media campaign geared towards creating and supporting communities where all people can live free of violence within their homes, relationships, and communities.  As a partner and ally in this work, we know that you share in this commitment to respect, safety, and equality.  The official launch of the campaign was October 1st, 2020


The campaign is designed for young men and boys, and for professionals and other influencers who work directly with young men and boys to transform harmful gender norms, establish gender equality, and learn active bystander skills. 


The campaign will be offered in three phases;

  1. The first phase will focus on encouraging young men and boys to be active in the National, State, and Local elections with an additional goal of building a Statewide branded identity for OHMAN.  
  2. The second phase will introduce sexual and domestic violence prevention-related themes to inspire young men and boys to become vocal and active in ending gender-based violence in their communities. 
  3. The third phase will launch in early 2021 and will focus on bystander intervention skills and coincide with the launch of our ‘NEW VIRTUAL Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence’.  


The purpose of the Know Better. Do Better. Be Better. Campaign and The New VIRTUAL Playbook is to enhance the quality of life in communities throughout Ohio by establishing healthier definitions of masculinity and healthier norms surrounding gender-based violence. Each individual engaged will be encouraged to gain new knowledge and skills to influence others and to promote healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and healthy communities throughout Ohio.


Please share the ‘Voting Campaign’ – – on your organizational and personal social media and/or share the below images on your social media feeds.   Thank you in advance for your support.    







The Word is Spreading!

Become an ally and be part of the change

Ohio Men’s Action Network is growing and becoming a unifying effort in Ohio to reach boys, young men, and men to prevent all forms of violence.





Presented as a skill building workshop, “The New Playbook” will provide participants the opportunity to increase knowledge and strengthen skills related to effectively challenging attitudes and behaviors that support multiple forms of violence.  This 2-day training addresses the following topics:

  • Team Building
  • Intersections of Oppression
  • Counter vs. Dominant Stories
  • Risk & Protective Factors
  • Connecting the Dots Among Multiple Forms of Violence
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Leadership Skill Building

The New Playbook: Standing Strong to Promote Non-Violence may be implemented on Ohio college or university campuses or in community based settings.  For more information take a look at the Campus Brochure or the Community Brochure.







Upcoming Events

Im Registered / I Voted !

As part of our ‘Voting’ social media campaign, we have designed Facebook Frames that you can use on Facebook to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming election.  Below you will see images of what those frames look like. 
Please share these frames, along with images of you in your OHMAN ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.’ campaign mask (example below), on your personal and/or organizational pages, and in your networks.