Courageous Conversations With Ohio Men

We are excited to announce the OHMAN Healthy Masculinity Campaign – ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.  This is a gender-based violence prevention social media campaign geared towards creating and supporting communities where all people can live free of violence within their homes, relationships, and communities.  As a partner and ally in this work, we know that you share in this commitment to respect, safety, and equality. 


As part of our current social media campaign, we are excited to share our upcoming ‘Courageous Conversations W/ Ohio Men‘ event.  With the recently launched statewide social media campaign  ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.‘ this 3rd conversation of a series of quarterly conversations will happen on September 14, 2021 from 10 – 11:30AM and will aim to transform harmful gender norms, establish gender equality, and inspire young Men and Boys to learn active bystander skills. 


With special guests Mekka Don, Josiah Johnson (AKA KingJosiah54), and Nicholas D’Andrea (Of WAV – We Amplify Voices), OHMAN will host a dialog and respond to participants reactions and questions regarding today’s societal issues surrounding young men and boys, specifically, how our young men and boys can we use Art and Social Media to create social change.   


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Registration is LIMITED – These free events are open to ALL men and boys including professional men, members of the fatherhood community, and anyone interested in creating a safer, healthier Ohio. Registration is limited so register today! Follow us on  social media FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTube







The Word is Spreading!

Become an ally and be part of the change

Ohio Men’s Action Network is growing and becoming a unifying effort in Ohio to reach boys, young men, and men to prevent all forms of violence.



Thank You for Being a Part of the Campaign !

OHMAN is excited to share our Social Media Campaign: Know Better. Do Better. Be Better. Geared toward creating and supporting communities where all people can live ‘Free of Violence’ within their relationships, and share their commitment to respect, safety, and equality.



Part of OHMAN’s statewide social media strategy, ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.’  will be supported by sexual and intimate partner violence (S/IPV) prevention messaging in addition to prevention messaging for young men on two Ohio Campuses, Central State University, and Otterbein University.



Additionally, our friends and partners in the Fatherhood community; the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OCF), the Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF), and Action for Children’s ‘Father Up‘ program, have partnered with OHMAN to enhance the well-being of Ohio’s children by providing opportunities for fathers to become better parents, partners and providers.  OHAMN will be working w/ programs throughout the State to explore how healthy masculinity and gender norms can empower the role of Fathers in our communities.   


Upcoming Events

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As part of our ‘Voting’ social media campaign, we have designed Facebook Frames that you can use on Facebook to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming election.  Below you will see images of what those frames look like. 
Please share these frames, along with images of you in your OHMAN ‘Know Better. Do Better. Be Better.’ campaign mask (example below), on your personal and/or organizational pages, and in your networks.