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About - Mission Statement

The mission of the Ohio Men’s Action Network is to end relationship and sexual violence in Ohio.

Vision Statement

The Ohio Men’s Action Network (OHMAN) is a network of men and women, as individuals and as representatives of local and state organizations, working to engage men and boys in efforts to prevent sexual violence; sexual exploitation; domestic, intimate partner, family and relationship violence and to promote equitable, nonviolent relationships and a culture free of oppression. We seek to create and support communities where all people can live free of violence within their relationships, and share in their commitment to respect, safety, and equality.


The main roles of OHMAN include the following:

  • Provide a structure for those who are, or who are interested in, engaging men to support each other, learn from each other, and exchange resources;
  • Help identify and create resources, tools and other products to assist efforts to engage men and boys in prevention
  • Develop the capacity of local programs and communities to engage men and boys in prevention;
  • Create a network for men and men’s organizations who are engaged to support each other, exchange resources, and offer collective support to the women’s leadership in Ohio;
  • Provide a state-wide voice of men and boys for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence.

Founding Organizations


Founding Partners

We owe so much to the groups listed here. Their passion, guidance and support have made this effort possible.