For Every Donald Trump, There Are Dozens Of Billy Bushes

Billy and Donald were following a tried and true ritual: mutually re-assuring each other of their masculinity by objectifying women.
10/10/2016 04:04 pm ET | Updated Oct 13, 2016


As despicable as Donald Trump’s bragging about his actual sexual assaults and/or attempted sexual assaults of women are, the Access Hollywood sex tape provides a textbook study of how such assaults are aided and abetted by other men.

Listening to the tape, it becomes clear that Donald Trump’s sexual musings would have been much shorter without Billy Bush’s encouragement and fawning admiration. Bush’s first legible response is, “Your girl’s hot as shit. In the purple.” This is in reaction to Trump’s just having bragged about how he had apparently tried to have sex with Bush’s longtime co-worker on Access Hollywood. After relaying that he was spurned by the targeted female, Donald moves onto disparaging her in a sexually objectifying manner.

Had Bush had the inclination to show respect and loyalty for his co-worker, he could have ended it right then by saying something like, “You know, Donald, I’m not comfortable with your referring to my co-worker (insert her name, here for greater effect) in such a degrading manner.”

Instead, Billy encouraged Donald, and it only got worse after that, with Bush crowing, “Yes. The Donald has scored. Whoah my man.” to which Donald replies, “Look at you. You are a p*ssy.”

Sensing a receptive audience, Trump goes on to confide that as a star, he can kiss and grab women by the p*ssy.

Having had his manhood questioned by being called a “p*ssy,” Bush re-assures Donald by adding, “Whatever you want.” Then just to re-assert his own “manhood,” Bush decides to join in the act by referring to the female colleague (off the bus) whom Donald has shifted his ogling eyes to, in equally objectifying ways, e.g. “Yeah those legs. All I see is the legs.” Then just to leave no doubt that Donald has his “permission,” Bush says “Get out of the way honey. Oh that’s good legs. Go ahead.”

Moments later, once Ariana Zucker seeks to assert her personhood by greeting Donald and giving her name, Donald and Billy engage in a mock competition to re-sexualize her by each demanding that she “hug” them, all the while with Bush asking her, “Now if you had to choose, honestly, between one of us. Me or the Donald, who would it be?” Reacting to this later in the press, Ariana Zucker reflects:

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