Don’t Cry Son/ No Llores Hijo

By, Dennis Muentes

Unfortunately, these are the words that many Latino youths are plagued with by their fathers as a correct form of behavior. Showing any emotion or crying is strictly forbidden, and it is interpreted as a sign of one’s character being weak, cowardly, delicate, and being anything but a man. Macho culture, which can be described as hyper masculinity, dominance, and violence, can be deadly, especially for women. As a result, it is important not only for all men in society, but also for boys growing up and the generation of Latino men to come to rethink machismo to promote respect for all women and end gender-based violence. Among Latinos, machismo is more than an attitude; it is a code of conduct that has been passed down from father to son for many generations. Machismo was once thought to be protective of the family structure by a father, a male figure who has to have all of the power, but in reality, it is a toxic aspect that in the end causes harm and hurts the ones we love.

But how do you change a system that has been deeply engrained in society for decades and decades now?

How do you change a system that is not only found in one culture, but is found in multiple cultures across the world? Continue reading…